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How does Gratify work?

Gratify is an innovative e-commerce gift store that allows gift recipients to swap or donate their gifts. This way, you maximise the chances of getting your gift recipients the perfect gift. This also helps reduce waste, and contributes to our society. Try our demo to see how it’ll be like to receive a gift from Gratify.

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What’s the difference between Gratify and other online gift shops?

Gratify allows recipients the option to swap or donate their gifts. This way, Gratify aims to deliver the perfect gift to the recipient every single time!

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What occasions can I use Gratify for?

Gratify is suitable for all fun celebratory occasions, such as Birthdays, Christmas, Baby Showers etc. It is also a great way to simply express your gratitude towards someone special 🙂

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What if I don’t know the recipient’s address?

You are not required to know your recipient’s address. Leave that to us! All you need is either your recipient’s email address or mobile number. We will help you get in touch with your recipient to sort out the delivery.

How will the recipients be notified of the gift?

They will be notified via email. Please also drop them a message to inform them about the gift!

Will I be notified of what the recipients choose when they swap the gift?

It will be up to the recipients whether to inform you of the swap, and what they have swapped it to.

Will the recipient know the price of the gift I bought?

No. The price will not be revealed. However, they will be able to look up the prices on our store if they want to.

What if the swapped gift is of different price than the original gift?

Your recipient may get items that are higher or lower priced, but the price range will not be too far from the original gift. We will absorb all price differences resulting from the swap, whether it is higher or lower.

How long will delivery take?

Once the recipient has confirmed whether he/she wants to accept, swap or donate the gift, it will take around 2 weeks for the gift to arrive.

What if my gift is donated?

If your recipient chose to donate your gift, the cash value of the gift will be donated to the charity organisation of his or her choice, not the physical gift itself. He or she will be eligible for tax deduction of 250% of what you have paid for the gift, less a transaction fee of approximately 3.9% + $0.50.

What are the key benefits to me for using Gratify?

Since your loved ones get to swap your gift to something else that they like, you give your loved ones the perfect gift. This helps you fulfil the purpose of gifts, which is to enhance your relationships. Furthermore, you help save our environment by reducing waste, and also help the society through a possible donation made by your recipients! Awesome!

What are the key benefits to the recipient if I gift via Gratify?

Your loved ones will appreciate your gift more! Since your loved ones get to choose what they want, the option to choose is a sign of respect that you have given. This way, even if they have chosen the original gift, they will appreciate it more!

Will the gift lose its meaning if the recipient chooses to change the gift?

A Gratify gift is not just the gift item itself, but also the entire gift experience, including the digital gift unwrap and the respect you are giving your recipient. The intention of the original gift which you have chosen should be well specified in the gift message. This way, the meaning of the original choice of gift will be preserved. And if the recipient chose to swap or donate the gift, it does not mean that he or she doesn’t like the gift that you have chosen. He or she might already have a similar item, or might have found an even better gift among our swap options.

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