Gratify is a startup funded by the National University of Singapore Computer Science Department, created with a mission to reduce wastage that is caused by unwanted gifts, and to do good for the society.

In recent surveys from around the world, more than half of the respondents from each city indicated that they have received gifts that they do not want. More than just a loss in economic value, this creates a huge negative impact on our environment because most of the unwanted gifts eventually end up in the landfills.


DX is a former investment banker in Hong Kong who has left the industry to run his own business.


He graduated with highest honours from Singapore Management University with a double degree in Business Management (Quantitative Finance) and Economics (Honours), and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence at NUS.


Specialising in creating excellent user experiences and experienced in app development, Harish is a Software Engineer with a keen eye for design.


He graduated with First Class Honours from NUS, and is a recipient of the PwC Prize for Whole Leadership for academic and non-academic excellence awarded by NUS School of Computer Science, as well as the SINDA Excellence Award.


Srivatsan is an experienced Robotic Process Automation developer, specialising in designing and implementing various automation solutions. 


He has strong academic performance at NUS Masters of Computing (Information System) and has won several academic prizes.


Joy is an experienced IT consultant in the industries of life sciences and land transportation.


She is a National Cybersecurity Postgraduate Scholarship awardee by IMDA. She has completed her Master of Computing (Information Security) course at NUS in June 2020.